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The working experience of the partners of Staikos Law Firm in legal issues about the applications of laborlaw covers not only Litigation but also advisory or dictum services for Companies. There is specialization in legal matters about terms of employment, evolution of those terms for employers,workers and executives of a company both in drafting as well as in case of dispute.

The firm provides with its experienced lawyers :

- Participation in mediation procedures and negotiations for the resolution of labor conflicts.

- Advisory Services of domestic and foreign Companies concerning terms of installation, acquisitions, mergers or transfers in general that affect the labor relations.



The energy sector and in particular renewable energy is one of the largest growing sectors of legal practice in Greece. Major investments in solar and wind power plans become more and more attractive for big scale projects. Our firm renders its services to local and foreign investors interested in taking advantage of the provisions of the law for “green investments”.



International trade is a big challenge especially in current financial environment.
Our firm is well experienced in international trade and cross border transactions as well as in major dealing such as agency and distributor agreements, franchise agreements, export licensing etc. Additionally our lawyers posses the know – how to form joint ventures and private equity in a tax efficient manner.




Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as an alternative to litigation has gained grounds in recent years. Our dispute resolution lawyers are experienced in the use of all forms of ADR as well as in mediation. Apart from assisting our clients in resolving their disputes in a timely and efficient manner, we also provide our clients with tailor made arbitration clauses and arbitration contracts to the specific needs and requirements of each transaction.



In current economic environment, Greece provides a huge potential for growth.
Our lawyers, in close cooperation with a tax advice accounting firm, help a prospective investor’s company in handling with construction, development and operation of different types of projects, such as real estate, public procurement, industries etc.



The Greek insurance sector is experiencing a number of significant challenges with new Solvency II regulatory compliance requirements. The new Solvency II regime will require insurers to maintain a sufficient level at risk – based regulatory capital in an ongoing basis. The lawyers of our firm with its deep insurance sector knowledge can assist the client to face these new challenges and manage the risk of doing business in a uncertain economic environment regarding consulting and litigation in areas of third party liability, insurance of industries, transportation and logistics, imports and exports etc.

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